Welcome to Sandy Passmore Coaching!

I am a Business Coach & Consultant who teaches the skills and strategy of 7-figure businesses to small business owners. 

My clients are smart business people who provide outstanding service and products to their customers.  They’re ready to take their business to a new level – but they don’t want to sacrifice their sanity or their soul in the process.

Is this you?  

My clients often describe their situation in these terms:

  • I have a solid product or service and it’s time to take sales to the next level
  • I know there’s the opportunity to be more productive but I can’t see the path
  • If my staff would work together more effectively, we could accomplish so much more
  • I’m working too hard but I’m strapped for resources and can’t find my way out

I can help you solve any or all of these problems…and do so in a way that feels authentic and natural to your style. 

I work with serious minded business owners and sales leaders who are ready to tap into not only the practical power of their left brain, but also the wisdom of their instincts and the creative energy of their right brain.  It’s important to me to create success by working with all of your strengths and resources because that’s where you’ll create the greatest momentum and balance.

How We’ll Work Together

I help my clients move to the next level of growth by creating a clear vision for financial success that’s rooted in practical steps – such as building the right team (from who you hire to how you set expectations); finding cost-savings and productivity; increasing prospecting activities; writing winning sales scripts.

Working together we will uncover, discover, and define the mindset which stalls, stops or keep you stuck.  We’ll plan a strategy that builds confidence and boldness, supported by a detailed action plan that includes steps to generating greater revenue.  Using purpose and passion in business enlightens and energizes us…and I want to teach you how to reignite your business with positive energy!

I’ve shared these principles with many business owners.  I let them know they can’t get it wrong – wherever you are today is the perfect starting point for leaping to the next level.  Even a perceived failure will set the foundation for success – because it ultimately leads to improved processes and course corrections, which is exactly what was needed.  That’s how I got dubbed “The Hope Spinner” – because I help my clients feel good about wherever they are and use it as the platform for moving ahead.

My Background

I began my career in sales.  I learned how to ask questions and converse with prospects so that I gained detailed information about their wants and needs – and then presented my company as the best option for those wants and needs.  It’s all a matter of having the right process and right words…and I teach my clients how to be better sales people.

Most of my career was spent as CEO of an electronics distribution company which represented leading edge manufacturers in the arena of motion control.  I know what it’s like to manage inventory, people, marketing & sales, finance & accounting, and customer service.   Because I’ve worn many hats, I’m in a great position to coach you to step up and into the next level of your business evolution.

Let’s See if We’re a Good Fit

If you are ready to ramp up your business through more accountability and responsibility – and have the willingness to learn from different business models – let’s set up a call so that we can talk about your goals.  You can reach me at 630-728-0126.

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